Be More Dory — Become More Resilient!

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…” How I enjoyed a tricky summer challenge with three simple techniques

I’m an improvisation teacher based in London and this summer I took on a challenge. It was swimming (I like swimming) outdoors (I like the outdoors) with lots of other people (I like people). I was just fit enough to feel like it was an achievable goal, yet flabby enough to know it would require a satisfying amount of effort. It’s a thing called Swim Serpentine where, one day in September, 6,000 people willingly hurl themselves, often in the name of charity, into central London’s best-loved artificial lake. It’s deliciously British. If the Serpentine is below 15˚ centigrade on the day, wetsuits are mandatory.

Disney Pixar’s eternal optimistic Dory (Finding Nemo; Finding Dory)
Sussex, first outdoor half-mile. Photo: Louis.
When a swimming cap arrives in the post, sh*t’s got real. Time to open a charity page!
Who’s got two thumbs and nerves so bad she was just crying real tears? This idiot! Photo: JJCR
The water was a balmy 17.5˚C — most people wore their wetsuits anyway. Photo: JJCR
They can’t take that medal away from me! Challenge met. Photo: Team DDG
A deliriously delish post-swim Full English! Mike’s Cafe off Portobello Road, West London
October 2018: dismantling the Serpentine’s Christo sculpture.

UK-based business coach and consultant. I create positive change using performance improvisation.

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